What to pack while travelling: Travelling Tips

Travelling Tips


Travelling is a part of our life, whether it’s business or casual. Functions, events, holidays, marriages – there are unending reasons that makes us pack our bags and/or suitcases for a short or a long trip.

So, we need to plan ahead for these travels and make a list of things which we need to carry.

So here are few packing tips to make your journey relaxed, comfortable and might save your money and trouble.

travel light

  1. Pack Light –You don’t have to wear new clothes everyday while on trip. You can reuse some clothes and make your load lighter. See, we never know how much we might have to walk with our luggage. So travel light and feel relaxed. Instead of packing big suitcases or bags divide them into small bags or suitcases.travel
  1. Extra debit/credit card & cash – We generally use one account for all our expenses. Now a day we rely on digital payment method.

But what if there is no ATM or mobile network.               Believe me, it happens often. So, always carry                 ‘some’ cash with you and divide it among your                  travel partners. Don’t keep all cash at one place.             And also carry one        extra debit or credit card             in     case your card gets lost or stops working.                 Also  remember don’t use cards with high balance.document

  1. Extra copy of Documents – Always carry extra copies your documents like passport etc in case your bag gets lost. Keeping a soft copy also help a lot.medical kit
  1. Medical Kit – Don’t forget medical kit. Make a small kit consisting of band aids, sanitizer, eye/ear drops, betadine, dettol, pills for headache and acidity.

Carry your regular medicines in case you are on medication.

  1. Chargers- Don’t forget your camera, laptop or mobile chargers whatsoever needed.travel
  1. Small bag packs- Always carry small bag packs with you so that you can take important things for outing, trekking etc.
  1. Toiletries – Keep toothpaste, brush, small soap, paper soaps, shampoo, sunscreen and towel.
  1. Miscellaneous– Keep a torch, small lock(with multiple keys), shades.

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