Unhealthy food and drinks you should avoid

Unhealthy Food and Drinks

“I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body”

Are you eating healthy food? Food is our common love and there is nothing wrong with enjoying your favourite food from time to time. But we should know what we are actually eating and how it’s going to affect our health in future.

We often get confused about whether we should have it or not. Different mouths have different opinions and we don’t know whom to hear.

We can’t make a list of all the items which are not good for health but there are specific things which definitely falls under unhealthy food and drinks category.


Unhealthy Food Items


Here are some food and drink items that are commonly unhealthy and shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis and are considered unhealthy according to their nutritional values.

Unhealthy Sugary Drink


Sugary Drinks


Sugary drinks are really most harmful things in our diet today. Consuming too much of the sweet drinks can lead to obesity, which often causes other health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

You can replace it’s craving with water, coffee, or tea. You can also add lemon to water to add flavour and it’s make it healthy too.

Unhealthy French Fries


French fries and Potato Chips


Whole, white potatoes are very healthy.

However, the same cannot be said of French fries and potato chips.As tasty they are, but equally unhealthy.

These foods are very high in calories and salt which increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Boiled Potatoes should be consumed instead of fried ones.

Unhealthy Bread




Wheat breads are unhealthy unless they are 100 % whole wheat. They’re made from small grains mixed with refined flour, which is low in essential nutrients and increases blood sugar.

The manufacturers increase the amount of sugar to increase the taste of consumers. And consumers buys it without  feeling guilty as they see wheat written on it.

Whole-grain bread is also healthier option than white bread or wheat bread.

Unhealthy Pizza





Pizza is one of the world’s most well known junk food which is popular everywhere home, corporate, parties etc.

Most pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients, including refined flour. Pizza is also very high in calories. It’s better to have homemade pizza or bread pizzas made of 100 % wheat bread and lots of veggies.

Unhealthy Fried Food


Fried Food


Fried foods are easy but are unhealthy cooking methods.

When food is cooked under high heat it loses all its nutrients and dangerous compounds are formed. The chemicals formed during high-heat cooking leads to increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

Try boiling, stewing, blanching, and steaming to improve your health.

Unhealthy Processed Meat


Processed Meat


Processed meats are not healthy or nutritious as unprocessed meat.

They increase the risk of chronic disease especially cancer if eaten regularly.

Unhealthy Processed Cheese


Processed Cheese


Cheese is healthy if consumed in moderate amount.

It’s loaded with nutrients, and a single slice packs all the nutrients and is the whole food.

Cheese is a great source of calcium, fat, and protein. It also contains high amounts of vitamins A and B-12, along with zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

Still, processed cheese products are nothing like regular cheese. They’re mostly made with filler ingredients that are prepared to have a cheese-like appearance and texture.

Unhealthydrink- Coffee


High-calorie Coffee drinks


Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and offers many benefits.

At the same time, the creamers, syrups, additives, and sugars that are frequently added to coffee are highly unhealthy.

These products are just as harmful as any other sugar-sweetened beverage.

Drink plain coffee instead. You can add small amounts of heavy cream or full-fat milk if you desire.

So, dear foodies, enjoy food, enjoy your life. A proper knowledge on the effect of food items which you consume might help you in maintaining good health.

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