Superstition or Fact – Should we follow beliefs or our logic?

Superstition or fact

As we grow, we hear our parents saying don’t do this or that –otherwise something bad will happen. Sometimes we name them nonsense or we call them superstition.

India is a diverse country of its rich culture and traditions. We are also technology advanced and spread all over the world and proved our mantle in all areas, name it and we are there-fashion, technology, defence, medical etc. Now, we believe in logic. We use google app if we need answers, Instead of how first, now we ask why?


But many of us also follow our ancestor’s beliefs blindly. Why? Is there any logic? Or we follow them out of respect? Logic helps us to make things clear. Our ancestors were more scientific but they just hid the logic behind the fact. Let’s find out the logic behind their beliefs.


1.  Don’t sweep the floor in evening or dark. Superstition or Fact?

Whenever I tried to sweep my floor in the evening my dadi (grandma) used to scold me. I never got the reason behind it.

Actually while sweeping we might accidently trash something valuable or any important document, which is not visible in evening or night. So we should actually sweep in daylight so we can easily see what we are trashing out.


2.  Don’t step in kitchen while menstruating. Superstition or Fact?

Well, it was the time embarrassing to me as I was not allowed to enter the kitchen and was warned to stay away from pickles.

But now I think during menstruation we have hormonal changes and we need rest. So to make us comfortable and for hygiene reasons these traditions are followed.

But we don’t get to stay away from kitchen as most of us have single family. And we have more advanced products to maintain hygiene.


3.  Don’t wash your hair on Tuesday and Thursday. Superstition or Fact?

Well I used to think they have programmed our hair wash too??

The fact is we can’t wash our hair daily as we need to preserve our natural oil in our scalp. And also we need to conserve water as we know how much water is consumed for hair wash.

We do follow it and choose our days according to our convenience.

Sleep position

4.  Don’t sleep with your face in north/west direction. Superstition or Fact?

We have a scientific reason for this one. Putting it up simply when we sleep facing towards the north, magnetic field of the body and earth are repel each other and thus our blood circulation is affected which results in a disturbed sleep.

As said, “Sleeping eastward is good; sleeping southward prolongs life; sleeping westward and northward brings ruin.”

So for a sound sleep avoid sleeping with your head in these two directions-north & west.

Peepal tree

5.  Don’t go near Peepal tree at night. Superstition or Fact?

We had some interesting stories regarding peepal tree when we were kids. And often our horror stories included the mention of peepal tree. Just because our family told us not go to near it at night, we linked it with ghosts.

Now lets recall photosynthesis process.

Photosynthesis included sunlight which is available during day. So, during day plants release oxygen while during night they release carbon di oxide.

But friends, Peepal tree is among the few trees that release oxygen during the night too. So I would say it’s a superstition.


6.  Bathe after coming from a funeral. Superstition or Fact?

After coming from a funeral the first thing important for us is to take bathe. Whether, its summer or winter bathe is something non negotiable. Why??


Earlier we didn’t have cure or vaccination for diseases like hepatitis and chicken pox and they were contagious. So, in order to prevent carrying those bacteria at home, people used to clean themselves thoroughly before entering their home.


After death, body loses its power to fight bacteria and body starts to decompose. So, in order to be free from disease as simple bathe isn’t too much to ask. And it also helps us to think about something else for a while. After all it’s healthy to move on.


lemon chilly

7.  Hang lemon and chilly to avoid misfortune. Superstition or Fact?

Whether you purchase a shop, car, home it’s really important to hand to chilly and lemon.


Why? because it helps to keep misfortune away. But, still we face ups and down in our life.


The fact is smell of lemon and chilly i.e. sour and pungent kept pest and insects away. Earlier, shops and houses were made of mud and it was easy for pests to attack as there were no fertilisers.


But, it’s not the case now, so I think this is a superstition.


sweet curd

8.  Eat sweet curd before going out. Superstition or Fact?

Curd is good for our health. It helps our body to remain cool especially in our country’s climate and also helps in getting rid of our stomach problems.


And sugar increases the glucose level in our body and provided us instant energy thus helps us to stay active.


So, eating curd is not that hard and it also tastes good.

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