How to be a good mom?


Am I a good mom?

I often used to battle with the topic of whether I was doing enough for my daughter?

Am I providing her enough?

Would I be able to raise her as my parents raised me?

Whenever my daughter misbehaved, I asked myself where am I wrong?

Sometimes when things used to go worse, I used to think ” Am I capable enough to be a mom?”

So I after 9 years of being mom, I realised all moms are good in their own ways.

This is how I overcame my fear and accepted that I am a superb mom.

1. Stopped Comparing

I often used to compare myself to other moms who had their home neat and clean, well mannered kids or kitchen full of yummy dishes.

I felt like” God why can’t I do this all?”.

But the fact is no one is perfect. We always do our best.

So if I don’t compare my home,kids or dishes with other moms, I am doing a pretty good job myself.

2. Good Health

Eat healthier, think healthier and speak healthier.

The truth is if my body is not fit, my mind isn’t fit.They always work together.

I don’t necessarily need a zero figure but a fit body in order to function properly. Otherwise things get messed up.

I get cranky when I am sick. Some times I speak things I don’t intend to. And then I regret.

So to avoid these situations, I have started taking care of my health.

3. Shared my problems


I used to keep things to myself whenever I had any problem with any of the family members.

I thought they’ll feel bad if I tell them my problems.

But my behaviour told them all. And it used become a bigger problem than it really was.

So instead of solving all the problems by myself, I started to discuss the problem  and find solutions together.

This also helped in bringing us close.

4. Stopped trying to be perfect

I always thought I would be a perfect mother.

So when I wasn’t able to cook her favourite dish perfectly, I used to feel guilty.

Though I am a pretty good cook but I always thought its not enough.

But then I realised I am not a professional chef to make perfect dishes.

I am a mother and stay as mother. I can’t compare myself to professionals who have given lot of time and efforts to reach there.

So instead of  trying to be perfect in all task, I try to be good enough.

5. Find time for myself 

After leaving my job I have surrounded myself with family and ignored my friends.

And that was my biggest mistake. You should never leave your friends.

After reconnecting with them, I started taking out time for myself.

And found happiness with my friends and family.

And that was my journey from mom to supermom…

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