Top Birthday Party Games for Kids

Top Birthday Party games for Kids

Hosting party for kids really includes lot of planning. We need to plan food items, guest list, venue, return gifts etc etc. But the most important factor that kids crave for is the Games. Games not only makes the party lively but also helps in engaging them, channelizing their energy and making the party full of fun. Here, are some top birthday party games for kids which are totally free, interesting and kids would definitely enjoy them.
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treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt

This is my favorite game of all time but making this game is really tough but exciting.

Tell the children about the rules of the game and divide them into teams.

Then send teams of guests on the hunt. You can also create a treasure map to make it more exciting.

Write clues on paper and hide it  anywhere in your house(play area).Each clues contains the hint where to find next clue.

dumb charades

Dumb Charades

The best thing about this game is its suitable for all ages and you can never get bored of it.

Dumb Charades is a game suitable for all ages. It involves acting out words told(whispered) by opponent team.

The object is to get your team to guess the answer using gestures alone.

The player acting isn’t allowed to speak. For example if the said movie is in english he’ll just tell his team by giving thumbs up.

party games

Guess the Animal

This is quite a  funny game.

Write the names  of a variety of animals on paper.

Let a child act as that animal or make the voices of same.

They can also tell the plural or gender of same to gain more points.


Recall Game

This one is popular in schools too.

Fill a tray with familiar objects.

Have the kids study it for one minute.

Give each of them a piece of paper and ask them to write the names of the shown objects.

Maximum correct answer wins the round.

 Fun party games

Passing the Parcel Game

Again old game but interesting and involves all kids together.

Make the chits of different funny tasks and keep it in a bowl.

Take a cushion, play some music and ask kids to pass the cushion one by one.

As the music stops, the kid with the cushion has to pick a chit from the bowl and complete the task.

musical chair 

Musical chair

Again my favourite game. We all pay it  and divide the team according to age groups.

Set some(one less than total no of kids)  chairs in two rows back to back or in a circle facing outwards.

Turn on the music, and the kids walk around the chairs without touching them.
When the music stops the players race to sit in the available chairs.

The player left standing is taken out of the game. Remember no one is allowed to take a step back while claiming their chair.

games for party

Do the Opposite

Instruct kids to do the opposite as instructed. It would be better if you make some flash cards to avoid shouting as kids party is always loud.

For example, if you ask them to lift left hand they have to lift right one or ask them to jump forward, they have to jump backwards. Those who doesn’t follow rules are out. Keep on playing until you find your winner.

It’s funny and good for hyperactive ones.

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